Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits are what gave me a start in the insurance business. They are still a core part of my practice today, helping Small Businesses provide a robust set of benefits for employees.

Group Disability Insurance – Guaranteed Acceptance policies available. Group Disability is one of the most valuable benefits you can offer employees. Income Protection is vital for a working family. Disability Insurance protects your income.

401k Retirement Plans – A service I offer only in select states. Small Business 401k Plans that are low cost with strong fund line ups. Low start up fees and low minimum contribution rates.

Group Health Insurance – An essential benefit for most small businesses. I offer traditional plans from BlueCross, as well as Level Self Funded Plans. The Self Funded Plans can offer lower premiums and more flexibility.

Group Life Insurance – Guaranteed Acceptance policies available. An affordable benefit that employees find value in. It just makes sense to add it along with everything else.

Dental/Vision – Often an essential benefit for most businesses. I offer competitive plans that are highly customizable with some of the best benefits available.