Corporate Retirement Plans

The world of Retirement Plans can be complicated for most business owners. It is my goal to simplify and demystify the process for clients. Strategy Retirement offers many different types of “turn-key” solutions for your Corporate Retirement Plan. My focus is on finding the best Plan Vendor to fit your companies specific needs.

Here is a list of Retirement Plans offered. Just click the link for more info.

Traditional “Qualified” Retirement Plans
401k Plans

Solo-401k Plans
(for solo owners, husband & wife teams, or companies with no full time employees other than 1 owner)

Defined Benefit Plans

Executive only “Top Hat” or “Non-Qualified” Plans
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans

162 Executive Bonus Plans

Shareholder only RPT Plan

As a Plan Sponsor, it is vital that you are aware of your responsibilities to the Plan and it’s Participants. In my experience very few Plan Sponsors have been educated on their required responsibilities… which means many business owners are exposed to liabilities that they are completely unaware of!

But even more important than proper administration and execution; is comprehensive employee education. Many companies have a Health Wellness program…. but very few have a “Financial Wellness” program. It doesn’t matter how great your 401k is if employees do not have the insight needed to properly utilize it!

In addition to protecting against liabilities, a main focus of Strategy Retirement is employee education. The benefits of a Financial Wellness program are numerous. And often employees are much more interested in Financial Wellness vs. physical wellness! Why? Because Financial Wellness is specific to an individual. Physical wellness can be generalized for pretty much the entire human race. Financial Wellness can not be generalized in the same way. No two 55 year olds have the exact same financial needs. Financial Wellness is the wave of the future in the Retirement Plan world. On a voluntary basis, we see an average of 3 out of 4 employees enroll in a Financial Wellness program!

But what about the Shareholders & Executives who often have personal advisors? Well, often they just want to contribute “more” to the plan. Strategy Retirement can provide many different solutions to enhance the contributions for highly compensated employees. From layering a Cash Balance Plan over a 401k, to executive only “Top Hat” plans; there are many solutions to increase retirement savings for high earners.