Strategy Retirement & Risk Management can help you secure the retirement that you deserve. We focus on minimizing the risks that can potentially be catastrophic to your retirement savings.

Obviously outliving your savings initially comes to mind, and Strategy has effective solutions to guarantee that you will never outlive your savings. These solutions provide a lifetime of income, similar to how a pension works. They are not affected by drops in the market and are a safe secure way to grow your savings and create an income for retirement. Some even provide an enhanced income if a Long Term Care need arises.

But most people do not think about the other risks to their retirement savings….

A Long Term Care claim can destroy out a persons retirement savings. The average Nursing Home costs around $80k per year. The average cost for In Home Care is around $45k per year. Just one spouse needing Long Term Care can turn a comfortable retirement into a struggle for their spouse. But Long Term Care Insurance has benefits beyond the money. The “Care Coordinator Benefit” is one of the most valuable aspects of Long Term Care Insurance. A certified expert is assigned to your case who walks you and your loved ones through the choices you face and how they will affect everyone involved. People who have been through the process say that the Care Coordinator Benefit is just as valuable, if not more, than the actually financial benefit…


A Disability during the peak earning years of your life can destroy any chance of a comfortable retirement. Most work based Disability Insurance Policies barely cover 30% of your current income. Also, most work based policies do not pay a benefit based on “your specific occupation or specialty”… if you can perform “any job”. Needless to say, this makes many work based disability policies essentially worthless. A quality Individual Disability Insurance Policy can provide full coverage for your specific occupation or specialty. And it can cover around 70%-100% of your income in most cases.


Life Insurance is often not thought of as essential to a sound Retirement Plan. But it certainly is. It replaces pension income, pays taxes, pays final expenses, and covers outstanding loans.


Tyler Maddox of Strategy Retirement has the insurance expertise to provide the best possible solution for the insurance to secure your retirement. As an independent agent he shops the entire insurance market to provide clients the best solution for their needs.