Long Term Care Insurance

Washington Residents: If you are here looking for info on the tax exemption for the WA State LTC Tax, click the link below to download a free pdf overview of your options.

Long Term Care Insurance is essential protection for your retirement. Protecting assets from a LTC claim is vital for most people.

“Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance” is currently the most popular option on the market. It combines LTC Insurance with Life Insurance. This combo provides fixed premiums that never increase, a tax-free death benefit, and return of premiums if the policy is ever cancelled. Plus all benefits paid are cash benefits directly to the insured. Eliminating many issues consumers had with traditional LTC Insurance.

Life Insurance with a LTC Rider is another popular form of LTC Insurance. This pays part of the death benefit to the insured while still living. It provides similar advantages as Hybrid LTCI, but the focus is more on Life Insurance than LTC.

Traditional LTCI has experienced major issues over the past decade. Extreme price increases have scared many consumers (and agents) away from the product. The flexibility and versatility that Hybrid policies provide make traditional policies unattractive to most.

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